What The Forthcoming Schedule 3 Means For SuDS And Landscape Architects

A photograph of residential houses overlooking a village pond with wildlife planting

A decade after the passing of the Flood Water Management Act 2010, we're happy to see that the UK government has finally aligned itself with the Landscape Institute and other industry leaders by announcing that it will implement legislation mandating the design and delivery of sustainable drainage (SuDS) in new developments.

With the implementation of Schedule 3 expected in 2024, it is critical that we as landscape architects engage with the consultation process to ensure the needs of the environment and our local communities are prioritised, ensuring that the myriad benefits that SuDS are capable of delivering can be realised.

A core provision of Schedule 3 will be the publication of national standards on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of SuDS. It is our hope that these standards will champion design excellence, innovation and place specific responses, rather than simply ushering in formulaic, standardised solutions, helping to create more exciting and integrated schemes like Bret Pond at Wintringham.

We at BMD are very much looking forward to contributing to this conversation and bringing our experience of delivering SuDS to bear at what is a really exciting time for the industry.

Date published: 27 Jan 23