Highlighting And Tackling Forest Litter In Creative Ways #LoveYourForest

A BMD employee photographer with her award winning sculpture

Earlier this year, one of the BMD team Dorota Grabkowska entered the 'Love Your Forest' competition, with her concept 'The Myr Tree' being selected as the winning entry.

Dorota created the sculpture for the newly launched recycling campaign run by an environmental charity Hubbub, Suntory Beverage & Food (Ribena, Lucozade, Shwepps) and the Forestry England amongst other organisations.

The purpose of 'The Myr Tree'

The purpose of this sculpture was to visualise the passage of time by imitating the tree's growth rings. Each ring on this tree stump represents how many years the different materials take to biodegrade. For example, one plastic bottle takes around 450 years to decompose in nature - an oak tree would grow up to 2 metres in diameter in that time. The term 'MYR' stands for 1 million years - which is how long it takes for glass to biodegrade if left in nature. Also, all litter shown in the MYR tree sculpture was found at the Forest of Dean.

The Myr Tree is now on display at the Beechenhurst visitor centre at the Forest of Dean until November, and will be touring around the Forest of Dean towns and visitor centres over the coming months, so have a look if you're in the area! Also follow @myr_tree on Instagram to see the process of making it.

Date published: 05 Oct 20

A photograph of a board, explaining the concept of the Myr Tree

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