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Urban & Civic


473 ha (1168 acres)




Strategic Green Infrastructure


new homes



acres of habitat-led infrastructure



metres network of footpaths

An illustration showing the proposed development at Houlton. © JTP

Creating a community set within beautiful open space combining a rich history and an exciting future.

Houlton is located between the suburb of Hillmorton and Crick to the east of Rugby, Warwickshire.

As the lead landscape architects for Houlton, BMD is responsible for the concept and detailed design, coordination and implementation of all green infrastructure, at this strategic development during its 20 year delivery. Design Codes for each phase set the high landscaping standards required across the development, with the BMD team supporting housebuilders with reserved matters applications to help ensure consistency of approach.

Collaborative working with stakeholders and local communities, has enabled the team to create a landscape for the development that significantly exceeds the needs of residents - whilst protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

Image caption: Houlton illustrative masterplan. © JTP

A photograph of the wildlife ponds overlooked by housing at the Houlton entrance. © BMD

Wildlife Corridors

A photograph of children looking for newts on a bridge over a wildlife corridor. © BMD

The landscape design for Houlton centres around the creation of an extensive 'Nature Recovery Network', that sensitively integrates connected habitat mosaics with inclusive and accessible movement corridors.

These retain and restore the site's heritage, celebrate its history and surrounding area, and promote healthy lifestyles with access to nature on the doorstep.

The wildlife corridors form the key structural 'backbone' of the informal open space and provide a range of complementary landscapes that create a strong green network throughout the development.

These include informal play opportunities, civic spaces, productive landscapes and a large, preserved area of medieval farming Ridge and Furrow land on Normandy Hill.

Image caption: A pedestrian bridge over a wildlife corridor pond. © BMD

A photograph of children spotting wildlife on a pond platform surrounded by flowering wetland plants. © BMD

Productive Landscapes

A close up photograph of fruiting trees alongside the play on the way landscape. ©BMD

Houlton has a variety of community accessible, productive landscapes across the development.

Set within a rich tapestry of public green space, these elements take reference from the historic Dollman Orchard and replicate this provision alongside foraging trails, allotments, and community gardens. Providing space for residents to meet, greet and explore.

Working within the site constraints, opportunities were maximised. A series of multifunctional productive spaces have been created to reflect the rural edge character. Forming a valuable community resource to further encourage a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Image caption: Edible landscape. © BMD

A CGI render of orchard trees proposed alongside existing ridge and furrow. © BMD

Inclusive Spaces

A photograph of children running along a wooden play bridge. © BMD

The creation of large, formal green spaces provides sport and recreation space for all to enjoy.

The first of these; Dollman Common, which lies in front of the first homes at Houlton and greets people as they arrive includes a landscaped pond, bridge, natural play features, footpaths and 17 different species of trees including fruit trees, semi mature oak trees and two feature willows.

Sat centrally within key phase 1 is Houlton Fields; a combined LEAP NEAP play area. This play space sits within a sunken landscape that encourages children to explore and interact with their natural environment through informal and formal play. This landscape provides key connections to the adjacent Dollman Farm community space which provides local facilities alongside the community garden and allotments.

Image caption: Houlton play park. © BMD

A photograph of families enjoying the play area at Houlton. © BMD



Large Scale Development


Award for Partnership Working

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