National Bird Feeding Month, How To Encourage More Birds Into Your Gardens

A photograph of a blue tit on a bird feeder

February marks National Bird Feeding Month, so we asked our Senior Ecologist, Jonathan, for a few tips on how to encourage more birds into your gardens and what's good to feed them!

"During this time of year it's really good to put food and water out in your garden on a regular basis, sometimes twice a day if you can! However, once you get into a food routine try not to change it as the birds will become used to the timings.

High energy foods are good during this time of year as they help birds maintain their fat reserves to survive the cold weather. Foods such as sunflower seeds, crushed plain peanuts, mealworms or a fat-based food bar or fat ball are amazing sources of energy in the winter!

As we come into spring and the birds start to moult their dietary needs will change slightly and they require more high protein foods. Sunflower seeds, raisins and currants, mealworms, waxworms. Soft apples, pears, bananas and grapes are also good, so put any of your fruit scraps outside!"

These amazing photos of a Blue Tit and Great Tit, were taken by one of the BMD team, Alex Wood, who has a keen interest in wildlife photography.

Date published: 17 Feb 23

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