Tree Planting Volunteering With The Heart Of England Forest

A group photograph of BMD employees at a tree planting day

We've had a brilliant few days with the Heart of England Forest planting English oaks as part of newly created woodland around Dorsington in Warwickshire! 🌳

Our volunteer leaders were Jonathan and Kelsey, who shared their passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm, answering questions and giving us the lowdown on the different plant mixes used, the pros and cons of tree planting without guards and much more!

It was an amazing day, allowing us all to get our hands dirty, get some fresh air and make a small contribution to a mighty vision. In total, the BMD team planted over 1000 trees in the Dorsington area and by the end of this planting season over 120,000 trees will have been planted by the charity, with some 80,000 of those planted by volunteers like us. It turns out we really can make a difference!

Volunteering is hugely appreciated by the Heart of England Forest, who have over 4000 acres of newly planted woodlands and around 600 acres of established woodland to maintain. As they move towards their target of planting 30,000 acres of native woodland across Warwickshire and Worcestershire, volunteers will continue to play a huge part in helping the charity to grow.

We had a lot of fun, and it made a great change of pace and scenery. Thanks again to the volunteer team for their patience, keeping us topped up with tea and biscuits and indulging a bit of healthy competition between teams for numbers of trees planted. We'll be back!


Date published: 01 Mar 23

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