#YearOfTheRabbit2023 Celebrating Chinese New Year With Facts About Rabbits

A photograph of a European wild rabbit. © Rudmer Zwerver

It's the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit and our in-house ecology team has some interesting facts to share about what rabbits can do for our biodiversity! 🌳

Did you know...

  • Introducing rabbits, deer and small mammals to grasslands can offset nitrogen pollution and help reduce biodiversity loss
  • Rabbits conspicuously alter plant species composition and vegetation structure through grazing and seed dispersal, which creates open areas and preserves plant species diversity
  • Moreover, rabbit latrines have a demonstrable effect on soil fertility and plant growth and provide new feeding resources for many invertebrate species

We would like to wish you longevity, peace, and prosperity this year!

Date published: 26 Jan 23

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