Grange Farm Country Park

A park for life

A rendered masterplan of Grange Farm Country Park surrounding proposed residential development

Grange Farm Country Park




63 ha (115 acres)




Parks & Public Realm


new homes



ha of existing & proposed woodlands



sensitively mitigated

A framework plan for Grange Farm. © BMD

The Country Park at Grange Farm provides the opportunity to transform an area of agricultural farmland into a new parkland destination for both new and existing communities to enjoy.

Grange Farm is part of the wider Alconbury Weald development at Huntingdon, north of Cambridgeshire and benefits from direct linkages to the A14 and the A1(M). BMD have been working for masterdeveloper Urban&Civic for over a decade on the wider Alconbury Weald site and in 2018 began a process of design and consultation to develop this new Country Park, one of the four key strategic open spaces at Alconbury Weald.

As the Country Park will bridge new and existing residents, several months of interactive workshops, design sessions and exhibitions have been paramount in influencing the physical layout and the preservation of public space. This consultation work is captured in a Design Brief along with design fixes and guidance to ensure the highest standard of design is delivered and long-term management and stewardship is considered.

Image caption: Grange Farm Framework Plan. © BMD

A photograph showing wildlife friendly understory planting within native woodland. © BMD

Healthy Infrastructure

A Health and Wellbeing model for Grange Farm Country Park. © BMD

The overarching vision for the Country Park is underpinned by the positive impact that the outdoors and nature can have on our mental health and emotional well-being, through the notion of 'creating Healthy Infrastructure' delivering 'a park for life'.

Good health and wellbeing are fundamental to enable us to live an active and fulfilled life and plays a role in our local communities. The healthy living design principles underpinning the Country Park Framework will work harmoniously to positively impact upon residents mental and physical health, bringing people closer to nature.

Four underlying interventions which underpin the Country Park Vision and start to form the landscape framework include, Diverse Landscapes, Active Landscapes, Community Landscapes and Productive Landscapes.

Image caption: Health and Wellbeing model for the Country Park. © BMD

A photograph of people walking through grassland in a country park setting. © BMD


An illustrative plan showing heritage features at Grange Farm. © BMD

The Country Park framework plan draws upon inherited features to craft a new special place with a distinctive character and a strong community focus.

Prestley Wood sits at the heart of proposals and forms a key destination for the Country Park. The woodland will be carefully opened up to the public over time to encourage a sense of ownership and stewardship amongst the community as well as retaining its status as an important ecological asset and prominent landmark.

Prestley Wood; a scheduled monument is a moated manor site and remains one of the best preserved monuments of its kind in Cambridgeshire.

Close consultation with Historic England led to an agreed proposal of meadows, woodlands and grasslands that provide a suitable setting for the Monument.

Image caption: Grange Farm heritage features. © BMD

An aerial photograph of Prestley Wood at Grange Farm. © BMD


An illustration showing the vision for Grange Farm Country Park. © BMD

During the Covid-19 outbreak, parks were the first places people could visit and begin meeting friends, family members and loved ones.

The pressure that the pandemic put on our health and wellbeing highlighted that we need our parks more than ever before.

The Country Park will be protected as an open space in perpetuity through use of binding Section 106 agreements and restricted covenants that ensure the land can only be used for a Country Park.

To make such commitments BMD ensured a strong landscape led vision to demonstrate that it is truly sustainable - both environmentally and commercially.

Image caption: Country Park Vision. © BMD

An aerial photograph of Grange Farm and surrounding countryside. © BMD

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